22 July 2009

Imagine: A New Race of People?

Interesting trailer for a piece done on biracial people. I have fair skin because of my father, though both my parents are black so I don't consider myself biracial. However I can understand a lot of the issues that might go along with that. I want to know what people consider biracial people to be? Should you consider them black or white? Why? Watch the clip and tell me what you think.

-Use YOUR IMAGination

09 July 2009

Imagine: NEW MUSIC!!! [DJ GEMZ]

I always love when new music comes across my desk. This latest mixtape hosted by DJ Gemz, entitled "There's No Place Like Home" takes you to the DMV to showcase some new artists and styles that are just waiting to be heard. Being from the DMV myself, I know how much untapped talent is just sitting here, so I was interested to hear some of the other artists on the mixtape. DJ Gemz says...

"I just put together a collection of some of my favorite songs from artists throughout the DMV. It features tracks by Marky, A.P., RAtheMc, Pro'verb, Lyriciss, Phz-Sicks, The Paxtons, Ice the Villain, Raheem Devaughn, Emperess, Wale, Jay Mills, Mass Potential, Phil Ade, and Imag."

Of course there is also a track from yours truly on there[did u think it wasn't?], along with a lot of other talented artists. SO if the only artist you know from the DMV is Wale you definitely need to download this asap. Check it out, CLICK .. "There's No Place Like Home"TO DOWNLOAD and tell me what you think. And while your listening...

-Use YOUR IMAGination