28 May 2009

IMAGINE: Aint Nuthin Like A
Brooklyn Gurl

[SMH(shaking my head)]
This is a prime example of why its important to expect an outcome from your actions..and more importantly be ready to deal with whatever the outcome is. In this case music artist Charles Hamilton dug a little too deep and the youngn in the video had to let him know about it[smh] Shouts out to Charles Hamilton though..and much respect for not putting his hands on her, even out of reflex. [like some other lames would have probably done]. I can't really IMAGine how I would've reacted to her initially. Also big ups to the girl Briana for not taking BS from nobody [like some other females usually do]; but I digress. I guess when you're right you're right.."Aint nothin like a Brooklyn Girl"

That got me to thinking about a couple other memorable freestyle battles gone wrong...[again..smh].

Niks.."Oh you MAd Cuz Im stylin on you"

[Lazy?...fwd to about 5:15 then..smh]

Random NYC Rap Battle.."Yo..Get Out My Face Son"

[Still Lazy?...fwd to about 2:02 then]

Crazy right? I doubt you see me freestyle alone anymore[jk]...but to all the rappers out there..when you run out of words to say...don't just hit somebody[smh]..keep your hands to yourself and...

-Use YOUR IMAGination

In case you cared....

IMAGINE: The Most INTERESTING Man in the World

You've seen the commercials by now. I must say after watching it actually made me want to try Dos Equis; even though like the Most Interesting Man I "don't always drink beer". Some people have commented that the ad campaign doesn't make any sense??? IMAGine if there was really a man who...

"Lives vicariously through himself..

His Blood smells like cologne..

His organ donor card also lists his beard..

Can cure narcolepsy just by entering a room..etc

This dude is the definition of SWAGG to put it bluntly[Jay-Z go kill youself...jk Hov still the man..but I digress]. I also appreciate that he has some color..thats interesting in and of itself. But why doesn't he have a name? Well because that's a part of being interesting; and there isn't any name worthy of his aura known to man..
+ The way he drops knowledge I consider him to be the ultimate role model, ["his legend is expanding faster than the universe"] and the ad campaign actually is pretty clever..STAY THIRSTY and drink Dos Equis..STAY THIRSTY and live life to the fullest. So if you can't understand that?...Your just not using your imagination..

Stay thirsty my friends, and..

-Use YOUR IMAGination






26 May 2009


Designated HitterZ
present their latest release...

Poisoned By SoundZ the mixtape. This young group, which includes [Chris Canon and Junior] hails from the DMV [DC, MD, VA] , and has been building a lot of local buzz lately. Their latest mixtape includes many of the freshest and hottest local DC artists; including Imag. I've listened to the mixtape and I hear a lot of potential, especially from joints like "The Bait" and "The Autotune Song" that show whitty IMAGination mixed with a little D.C. swagg. Im looking to hear more from DH in the future...

With that said, its definitely worth a listen...



Take a listen and tell me what you think. More new music from more up and coming artists soon.Til then...

-Use YOUR IMAGination

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22 May 2009

Allow ME to REintroduce Myself...
My Name is IMAG

Hello world.. meet IMAGination. I promise if you listen(watch) you'll like what you hear(see)..you may even learn some things about yourself. Ill talk about whats goin on today in music, sports, politics, LIFE etc...from a new perspective. THink of it as your basic Blog..with 10x the IMAGination mixed in..So just stay tuned..and here's a few things about me you should know..

"I love making good music that people can enjoy..makes them think, use their IMAGination..and have fun at the same time.."

Brief BIO:
IMAG (born Lemond Brown on August 1, 1988 in Washington, D.C.) is an American music artist/songwriter/producer. He has been producing and writing music since the age of 5. He began recording music with various DC artists in 2004 and has performed in several cities since then.

IMAG's production style utilizes real in-studio instruments combined with heavy Roland bass drum feels, and rapid percussion, which has become a characteristic style of Washington, DC. IMAG has had 8 yrs professional piano training, and he also plays the saxophone. His creative, witty, relaxed flow has drawn many people, of all ages to his music. He is currently in the studio working on his debut album Look for details coming soon.

Random Facts:
Im left handed. Only been outside of the US twice (Jamaica and Australia).
Love: Music..and having FUN, bein creative
Hate: People who miss opportunities(people who dont live life to the fullest) aka Loafers

There's a million and one other things to find out..but That's the basics for now...
How do you fill in the blanks??...

-Use YOUR IMAGination