26 August 2009

Imagine: Supergroup??

If you one of those sheep that still think hip hop is dead, then NEWSFLASH... it just got a defibrillator and a shot of red bull n' vodka. Slaughterhouse went from rumors to reality a while ago, but I had to hear them for myself before I believed the hype. Joe Buddens, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, & Royce da 5'9 have officially linked up under a new banner "Slaughterhouse". And from the tracks that I've listened too they're wavin' that banner pretty high for people to see. Each of the members are strong emcees who had minimal commercial success and major label trouble. They hail from all over the country; Buddens-Jersey, Ortiz-Brooklyn, Crooked-Long Beach Cali, Royce-Detroit. Each component of the machine brings strong lyricism, hunger, and their own respective smaller following to the table. Their album was completed in two weeks and dare I say it, but it lives up to the "hype"; for whatever that's worth. Point blank if you prefer real music, real talent, and you call yourself a fan of hip hop, then its no reason you shouldn't cop the album. Download Slaughterhouse Mixtape. I support real music heavily...because that's what I make. "Slaughterhouse" Album in stores now!!! "Use Your IMAGination" mixtape everywhere 09/11/09!!!

..:::>This is just a sample from their mixtape...check it out

-Use Your IMAGination

25 August 2009

Imagine: Exclusive- Bran New Track from IMAG!!!

Bran New Music from the upcoming mixtape "Use YOUR IMAGination" entitled "Gimme Mine-Imag and Canon". Your heard it first on... imagworldwide.blogspot.com. For more exclusive music and behind the scenes info visit www.imagmusic.webs.com Check it out and tell us what you think...

20 August 2009

Imagine: 50 Cent Squashes Beef w/ Cam?

"I'm not squashing a problem we had in Queens at your event. That's the same way he got other artists to come to his shows, whether they was down with Dipset or D-Block or T.S., or whatever the case may be. It ain't no real beef, but we ain't gonna squash what we had at a Queens event. We'll meet halfway — Triborough Bridge or something. But I ain't going to no show in Queens. I'll be at Harlem Week."

All I can do is smh. Even when he's not trying to be funny; he's still...well, funny. Cam is def one of the most colorful characters in hip hop. If only he could keep that color comedy on his records like the old Cam; 2005 Cam. After listening to his latest release "Crime Pays" May 12th, which is currently selling rusted bronze in stores, it's clear that Cam just isn't the same. The album was only OK, and the only reason for listening to Camron..the whitty ignorant remarks, were lacking. After his hiatus though he's back. Here is another comedic video from an interview Cam did earlier this year talking about Dipset, Rock-a-fella, and where he disappeared to.

Cam'ron Talks Roc-A-Fella, Juelz Santana's Addiction & More!!

-Use YOUR IMAGination

Imagine: "Run This Town"

This new video for the much anticipated "Blueprint 3" release, was filmed at Fort Totten Park in New York. Here Jay-Z makes it clear that RocNation is in the building. Directed by Anthony Mandler and with a cast of over 80 extras, the visual production for “Run This Town” is far from the predictable dime a dozen hip hop video.

Mandler said he wanted to capture the "marching, war-like tone of the song". He succeeded by organizing “a chaotic account of militia-like entities revolting, complete with Molotov-cocktail explosions, riot-like activity and the high-powered trio of Hov, Kanye West, and Rihanna performing in the midst of it all.” Basically, a dope new video all around, it will def stir your

-Use YOUR IMAGination