12 December 2009

Use Your IMAGination: Lemond’s Amazing Idea…

Soo.. im up one night, and I just finished an “herbal enlightenment seminar”3-Imag..needless to say I was feeling IMAGinative. I got an idea.. and yes in case you were paying attention I did say “herbal enlightenment seminar”..or H.E.S. as we like to call it smh[*shrug].

Why don’t I just..make myself a superstar? I wanted to capture the moment of my brilliant idea..but my cpu wuz loafin[i.e.messin up].."then the positive energy from my seminar began to kick in..and I used my Imagination”-Imag..and somehow I simultaneously fixed my problem..and figured out to make my dreams come true and yours too…PAY ATTENTION[one of the few things that “costs you nothing”]…LISTEN UP…and read my next post.

-Use Your IMAGination

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